Black Friday Deals for Designers & Artists: Prints, Books, T-shirts & other crafty gifts

Take a look at these Black Friday deals that aren’t software, apps or laptops and tablets. Feast your eyes on bright prints from East End Prints, books from Laurence King and T-shirts from Made by Folk among other awesome Christmas gift ideas and home decor – and the best part? You get to save some of your hard earned cash without having to trawl through thousands of deals yourself.

If you are looking for tech deals however, head to our Black Friday deals roundup for designers and artists including discounts on Apple, Wacom, Microsoft, Corel, Adobe and more, or head to our sister sites Macworld or Tech Advisor to continue finding the best deals from our experts.

Carne Griffiths


Get 20 percent off all the absolutely stunning prints (and we’re not just saying that) at the Carne Griffiths webstore, but make sure you get in quick as some have sold out already.

Martina Flor

Berlin-based hand lettering artist Martina Flor is offering 25 percent on all products throughout the weekend (until November 27) from her online store. Just use the ‘BLACKLETTER’ at the checkout.

Made by Folk

Made by Folk has up to 40 percent off all its wonderful type, illustration, photographic and kids prints and T-shirts – with free worldwide shipping – ending November 27.

Check out the Made by Folk Prints and Made by Folk T-shirts.

Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo has been tweeting frantically about his Black Friday Special all last night and this morning – ‘all prices UP 25 percent’ from his online store.

The best part is that some Black Friday items comes with a free limited edition Black Friday Print (see below).

Most of his iconic works have sold out, like his ‘Work Hard and be Shit to People’ poster, but there are still a few bookmarks, sticker packs and prints available, including his recently finished 2017 Advent Calendar (no chocolate, just naked people).

Laurence King

Take your mind of tech for a second and look at Laurence King’s beautiful books.

All (yes all) of Laurence King’s books, games or gifts have 35 percent off (as well as free delivery in the UK) until November 27. Just use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ at the checkout before then.

East End Prints

East End Prints

Get 20 percent off East End prints online (excluding special edition collection) until November 26 with the company’s ‘colourful week’ deals, instead of Black Friday. Use the code ‘COLOUR20’ to save on A2 framed art or normal prints, with free shipping over £50 (UK only).

Mesh Studio

To celebrate the release of Marcelina Amelia’s Not Today Snake latest collection on her online store Mesh Studio, there’s 15 percent off everything, including T-shirts, prints, posters, homeware and more. Just use the code ‘Meshy’.

Cass Art

Get 20 percent off everything online at Cass Art for five days using the code ‘OFFER20’.

Choose from watercolours, pencils, canvases, sketchbooks, paint easels, gifts under £100 and more.

Take a look at Cass Art’s brilliant Christmas gifts for professional artists.

This is a Limited Edition

Get 25 percent off everything at This is a Limited Edition using the code ‘Black Friday’, including art prints and canvases and products including T-shirts, clothing and pillows.

Loulou & Tummie

Loulou & Tummie have create an online store with second-choice items they need to get rid of, and they’re calling it a massive garage sale. On this website you can find super cheap prints, but there’s a catch – they may have minor damages or dust, or be leftovers from exhibitions, misprints, samples or “stuff we had lying around in our studio for ages”.

But don’t worry, everything is sectioned on the website so you know exactly what you’ll be getting – whether it’s ‘misprints’, ‘creases’, ‘little scratches’ or something similar.

You’ll find laptop covers, phone cases, bags, among giclee prints and poster prints.

Of course, if you do want the real deal, head to their official online store here

Don’t Forget to be Awesome

Don’t Forget to be Awesome in an online store selling a whole range of posters, shirts, music and other crafty items, set up by none other than the New York Times bestselling author John Green. 

Save up to 50 percent off selected items, and 20 percent off everything else